Sunsetting the Torker Trike

I sold this mod to a co-worker who purchased it to take to Burning Man 2015.  Letting it go was a little bittersweet. The trike had served me well throughout the years, but there’s only so much room in the laboratory, and there are many projects in the queue.


And a new front tire

Lastly, the old 26″ front tire I had on the trike was looking a little ratty due to the flecks of orange paint on it from having been painted orange at one time [long story], so I swapped it out for a clean, black Schwinn 26″ wheel and tire.


Let’s put on a larger chainring

The stock Torker Trike came with a 36-tooth chain ring, which worked well for the stock 24″ rear wheels. However, after swapping those out for 16″ wheels, I needed a larger chain ring to achieve the same travel when pedaling. Pictured here is a 44-tooth chain ring I installed.


Wheels mounted

I couldn’t wait to see what the new wheels looked like on the trike, so I slipped them on the axle before mounting the tubes and tires. Looks pretty sweet!


Hurdle #2

Because the flanges of the new hollow hubs were taller than the flanges of the original Schwinn coaster brake hub, I needed shorter spokes in order to lace to the rim.


The first hurdle

However, one cannot simply slap on a new set of wheels. The stock rear wheels of the trike utilize hollow hubs with bearings that slip over a 15mm (~5/8″) axle.


My Torker – pre-lowered

Over the years I had made a few minor mods to the stock version I picked up on Craigslist. For example, I swapped out the 24″ front fork and wheel for a 26″ front fork and wheel.  I also added a taller seat post to give me more room in the cockpit.


The Torker Tristar gets a makeover

[This most recent incarnation of the Torker Trike was started and completed in early 2015. – Ed.]

I’ve had this Torker adult-sized tricycle for a few years.  I purchased it in 2009 [I believe] from a guy off Craigslist. It has suited me well since that time, but now I felt a modification was due.