The Sladda Bike Trailer from IKEA

IKEA carries this really cool bike trailer.  It’s called the Sladda and compliments their Sladda belt-driven bicycle.

This aluminum frame and wood deck trailer is large and lightweight. It weighs in at 24 lbs. and can carry a maximum load of 108 lbs.

The trailer’s tongue can be repositioned to create a hand cart (see above). The trailer also has plastic fenders to keep cargo from getting entangled in the spokes of the wheels.  #nicefeature

The trailer attaches to a bicycle using this coupler (pictured above).  The coupler easily attaches (bolts on) to the rear axle of the tow bike.


The trailer then hitches to the coupler and is secured by a clevis pin.

The trailer’s 20-inch wheels make towing a breeze, and allows for substantial carrying weight (108 lbs. max load).

The Sladda is a very well designed and attractive bike trailer. It lists for $179, but is available for $129 at the IKEA FAMILY member price.

I can’t wait to use this at the next festival I attend.


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