Slow Rollers Poker Run 2016 – South Lake Tahoe

Today I took part in a bicycle poker run organized by the Slow Rollers Bicycle Club of South Shore, Lake Tahoe. This was a very fun, well run, beautiful ride along the south shore of South Lake Tahoe.

One of the participants was riding a Corker Monster Cruiser. (pictured above).  For those not familiar with this bike, this is the world’s first (and maybe only) 36″ wheel bicycle.  As the name implies, this thing is monstrous.  Look how it dwarfs the 26″-ers around it.

This is the first Corker that I’ve actually seen in the wild. Impressive bike.

Pictured above is a cool stretched custom frame bike.

Above are a few of the participants at one of the stops along the way.

I rode the Da Vinci Flying Machine (always a head turner and crowd pleaser) for the event. Here is the Flying Machine parked along the beautiful and scenic shores of Eldorado Beach, South Lake Tahoe – another of the stops.

Overall I was very impressed with this event and will definitely do it again.  This was my first Slow Rollers event, but will not be my last.  The Slow Rollers Bicycle Club website has a list of the events they host.


Blinky Man 5: Cinco de Blinko

Blinky Man was so much fun last year that Lorri and I had to attend again this year.

This year’s ride was called Blinky Man 5: Cinco de Blinko.  For this year’s Blinky Man ride, I rode the Playa Marauder (pictured below)…

…and Lorri rode the Mongoose Beast.

Riders gathering and listening to the pre-ride event director’s talk. (Below)

Just a few of the bikes seen at this year’s Blinky Man ride…

A sweet rat bike…

Blinky Man takes place in downtown Cason City, and is a must-attend event if you’re in the area.

I believe the next one will take place sometime in October 2017.