The Drive System — freewheel, sprocket, and other bits

With the rotor built it was time to move on to the drive system. The Da Vinci Flying Machine’s drive system consisted of simply connecting the trike’s rear (live) axel to the right-angle drill attachment via a long length of bicycle chain.

I purchased a 13-tooth sprocket to attach to the drive of the right-angle drill attachment and a 22-tooth freewheel to mount on the live axel. Also purchased the appropriate freewheel adaptors (see photo above and parts list below.)

In the photo above the 22T freewheel is seen installed on the rear axle.

In order to mount the 13T sprocket (5/8″ ID) on to the right-angle drill attachment’s 1/2″ drive I needed a spacer (shown in the photo above).

The photo above shows the 13T sprocket, the sprocket adaptor, and the spacer attached to the right-angle drill attachment’s drive shaft.

Parts list for the above…

[Update: For the final version of the build I swapped placement of the freewheel and sprocket. In other words, I used the 13-tooth sprocket on the trike axle and used the 22-tooth freewheel on the right-angle drill attachment. For more detail see the Comments in this post: The Da Vinci Flying Machine in Action.]

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