Constructing the rotor mount

Next, the rotor and right-angle drill attachment must be mounted to the top of the rotor tower. The mount needs to be strong enough to withstand the force exerted upon it by the drive system.

The design I came up with was a three-point mounting bracket to securely hold the right-angle drill attachment (shown above). Utilizing the left and right bolt holes intended for the drill attachment’s handle, I bolted the attachment to two pieces of steel (bed frame). I then drilled a hole through a third piece of bed frame just large enough for the attachment’s drive shaft spacer to slip through and easily spin.

Here’s another shot of the right-angle drill attachment mounting bracket (above).  The pieces are clamped and ready to be tacked.

Pictured above is the finished rotor mount.

Pictured above is the completed rotor tower and rotor mount (viewed from above).  Prior to welding, the mount was clamped to the tower and the tower bolted to the trike frame in order to position mount accurately for proper chain alignment of the drive system. This took a little adjusting of both the rotor mount above and positioning of the freewheel on the trike rear axel.

However, once correctly aligned, the drive system worked as planned. With the use of plenty of C clamps I was able to perform a roll test of the Flying Machine prior to final welding.

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