Creating the steering tube

Typically, when converting a bicycle to a three-wheel tadpole design, the bike’s original fork is chopped to create the steering tube to which to connect the tie rods.


However, because the main bike was a “fat tire” bike with a front fork that fit a 4-1/4″-wide tire, I chose to save the fork (and wheel).  […for some other project TBD.]


…And so it was off to my parts bin to find a new fork that would fit the Beast’s head tube.


Unfortunately I did not possess the correct size. So, it was off to the Reno Bike Project to find a fork to fit. As you can see from the picture below, the Reno Bike Project has a little more variety in forks than I do.


I found one that fit for $10.  Love Reno Bike Project! ♥


Next the legs were chopped off the found fork…



…and then the cut edges were ground smooth.


Then the connector plate for the tie rods was welded onto the bottom of the steering tube.


Btw, detailed step-by-step plans for building a “tadpole” design trike can be found in Atomic Zombie’s “Bicycle Bonanza” book of plans.  Note: I utilized Atomic Zombie’s step-by-step “Hammerhead Winter Trike” plans for this build.  A BIG Thank You to Atomic Zombie.

Bicycle Builders Bonanza

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